F*ck yeah Ruki

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- Then, the next question. Is there anything you think girls shouldn’t say to a guy?

RUKI: First, vulgar words are out of the question. That’s the biggest thing. Also, if I was dating an older girl and she said, “Even though you’re younger…”, or if she was younger and said, “Even though you’re older…”. I wouldn’t want her to say things that separate us like that.

- That’s right. Going out means that you’re equal, doesn’t it.

RUKI: Yes. Age doesn’t matter at all. If she said that to me, I would respond like an adult.

- In what way?

RUKI: A written complaint (laugh)


- Neo Genesis Vol.23 - Ruki Interview Part 2 : Love translation: astraphile (via marikoyukaru)

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